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Causes and elimination methods of weaving weaving - Weft shrinking on the left
May 30, 2018

The weft shrinkage can be divided into the left weft shrinkage and the right weft shrinkage. The right weft shrinkage can be divided into the kink weft shrinkage and the loop weft shrinkage. The same is the shrinkage, the existence of the site is not the same, the shape is not the same, its cause is not the same, the methods and measures to solve the problem are not the same.

Mainly due to insufficient weft flight time, weft threads are not fully straightened and weaving into the fabric. This kind of weft shrinkage mostly occurs on the left side of the fabric, so it is called left weft shrinkage. The solution to this kind of weft shrinkage is to think about letting the weft thread have enough time to straighten out.


(1) Increase the air pressure of the main and auxiliary nozzles to increase the weft flight speed.

(2) Delay the opening time and delay the shed closing time.

(3) Advance the weft insertion time.

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