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How air jet loom works
Nov 13, 2018

The air jet loom is a shuttleless loom that uses a jet stream to pull the weft yarn across the shed. The working principle is to use air as the weft insertion medium, and the compressed airflow generated by the jet is used to pull the frictional traction force of the weft yarn, and the weft yarn is taken through the shed, and the jet generated by the jet is used to achieve the purpose of weft insertion.


This weft insertion method enables the loom to achieve high speed and high yield. Among several shuttleless looms, the air jet loom is the one with the highest speed. Due to the reasonable weft insertion method, the weft insertion rate is high, the operation is simple and safe, the variety adaptability is wide, the machine material consumption is low, and the efficiency is high. The advantages of high speed and low noise have become one of the most promising new types of cloth machines. Since the air jet loom adopts the air flow weft mode, the biggest disadvantage is the high energy consumption.

MA710 economic air jet loom

In 1914, Americans invented air-jet looms. In 1950, Czechoslovakia produced the first commercial air-jet looms. In the 1970s, air-jet looms began to be used in industrial production. Early air jet looms were only able to produce narrow fabrics. The speed of the loom was low and the fabric quality was poor. Only monochromatic, simple plain plain fabrics could be produced. The modern new air jet loom speed, automatic monitoring level, product quality, variety adaptability, etc. have been greatly improved, becoming the fastest growing model in the shuttleless loom. Today's advanced air jet looms use a large number of advanced technologies, especially electronic and microelectronic technology to make the air jet looms greatly improved under the premise of ensuring product quality. Today's internationally renowned manufacturers are mainly: Japan Tsudakoma, Toyota, Belgium Picanol, Italy, and Germany's DORNIER.

MA710 smart air jet loom

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