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Air Jet Loom
May 30, 2018

Air-jet looms are shuttleless looms that use jet air to pull the weft across the shed. The working principle is to use air as the weft insertion medium, and the traction force generated by the jet of compressed air current on the weft yarn is used for traction. The weft yarn is passed through the shed and the jet generated by the jet is used to achieve the purpose of weft insertion. This kind of weft insertion can make the loom achieve high speed and high output. Among several types of shuttleless looms, air-jet looms are the highest speed type. Due to reasonable weft insertion method, high insertion rate, simple and safe operation, wide variety adaptability, low machine material consumption, and high efficiency. The advantages of high speed and low noise have become one of the most promising new types of cloth machines. Because air jet weaving adopts airflow latitude, the biggest drawback is high energy consumption.

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