Air Jet Jacquard Loom

Air jet jacquard loom is a new model successfully developed by MING SOURCE. It is suitable for the weaving of various kinds of natural, synthetic, man-made and blended fiber yarns. It can be widely used in the production of apparel fabrics, decoration and......

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Ma810 Air jet jacquard loom

MA810 Air jet jacquard loom is a new model successfully developed by MING SOURCE. It is suitable for the weaving of various kinds of natural, synthetic, man-made and blended fiber yarns. It can be widely used in the production of apparel fabrics, decoration and industrial use cloth production.

MA810 air jet jacquard loom is mainly composed of jacquard faucet, opening mechanism, weft insertion mechanism, let-off mechanism, twisted edge mechanism, take-up mechanism and other advanced mechanical control technology. Applicable to all kinds of jacquard air-jet looms for light, medium and heavy fabrics of plain, twill, satin, jacquard, jacquard, and tissue variations of long fibers and staple fibers; it can meet the weaving requirements of various high-grade jacquard fabrics. Such as: trademarks, ties, towels (pillows, bath towels, square towels), decorative fabrics, sofa fabrics, curtain fabrics, apparel fabrics and so on.

Electronic jacquard jet looms are very adaptable. It can adapt to the needs of different yarns, different cloth widths, and different organizations; the weft storage system selects the coil-separable weft feeder, and the imported high-frequency, main-injection electromagnetic valve with high speed and high response performance makes the weft insertion system very flexible. Large superiority; the whole machine adopts a rigid rigid frame structure, adopts a six-bar linkage, four-link beat-up mechanism, and adds a certain amount of weights and variable weights at different positions on the beat-up axis to increase the weight. The stability of the beat-up system; this product also has the highest performance-cost ratio. Taking the opening mechanism as an example, the weaving machine adopts advanced electronic jacquard faucet or mechanical faucet + pass-through wire mounting; the six-link design in the beating-up system and the counterweight design in the beating system reduce the vibration of the entire machine. Changed the beat-up curve, improved the weft insertion conditions, and expanded the variety coverage. It has the outstanding features of high product rate, high production efficiency, energy saving, and low investment. It is in line with the development direction of the current international textile machine wide-format, automation, high-speed, high-rate, high-quality, energy-saving industry; functionally and technically complete. It can be compared with imported looms, and has a significant advantage in price. It is a much-needed technical equipment for the electronic jacquard air jet loom market at home and abroad.

This product has three major technological innovations: First, it independently developed the electronic control system of the loom, improved the degree of automation of the whole machine, and achieved high-speed weaving and jacquard operation of the loom. Second, the jacquard faucet is aligned with the center of the loom. When the heald is assembled, the left side is used as the reference to the right, which facilitates the replacement of fabric types and is a definitive edge system. Third, a fixed and random structure is applied to the lower joint of the heald recombination spring; the leading frame adopts a permanent and detachable structure, which can be selected by users according to their needs.


Main technical features

1: The design of the whole machine structure is supported by a large area of high rigidity beams, and it has excellent anti-seismic performance.


2: The use of four-bar or six-bar multi-seater foot solid beating structure, effectively protect the powerful beat-up and high-speed stable weaving.


3: The combination of main nozzle and auxiliary nozzle enables high-speed and stable weft insertion. The dual-probe type of weft insertion system prevents the generation of long and short latitudes and guarantees the quality of weft insertion.


4: Configure high-precision electronic let-off device, with active loosening device, can warp tension control according to the change of the diameter of the weaving shaft to ensure even tension and stable let-off, so as to achieve high-speed stable weaving high quality heavy fabric.


5: The operation adopts the key input liquid crystal display interface, realizes the simple human-machine dialogue, the operation is more humane, configures the highly integrated computer circuit control system, has guaranteed the high speed stable operation of the loom.


6: The use of imported electronic control system, with the latest energy-saving solenoid valve, is at the leading level in terms of energy saving and consumption reduction. This machine can be equipped with electronic dual-jet, electronic four-jet, electronic six-jet storage weft system; crank connecting rod, cam opening, electronic multi-arm opening, large jacquard opening system, dual warp beaming system. Can meet a wide variety of fabric weaving. 








1.All machines are packed inner containers with standard exporting packages.

2.Delivery: machines will be ready within 35 business days after we confirm your deposit.





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