Air Jet Loom with Staubli

MA810 air jet loom with Staubli adopts the weft insertion method of fixed main nozzle + swinging main nozzle + auxiliary nozzle + double weft detector, stable and reliable double-side four-bar, six-link beating mechanism, positive cam opening system, expanding the......

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Ma810 air jet loom with Staubli

MA810 air jet loom with Staubli adopts the weft insertion method of fixed main nozzle + swinging main nozzle + auxiliary nozzle + double weft detector, stable and reliable double-side four-bar, six-link beating mechanism, positive cam opening system, expanding the the scope of the company's manufacturing varieties, electronic let-off device, electronic weft insertion, electronic crimping (optional), frequency conversion slow jog system, with automatic pick-up function, convenient operation on both sides of the button.

MA810 series air-jet looms are suitable for weaving all kinds of natural fabrics, medium and light denim fabrics and other fabrics. Because of its advanced structure, it effectively solves the common parking stalls, mechanical stalls, lack-of-wefts, and anomalies.

The height of the weaving mouth is very important for the beating motion. Especially for the special-shaped air-jet looms, the height of the weaving mouth is more important for the beating motion. Improper selection of the weave height may result in insufficient beating strength or beating effort, resulting in weft laziness or dense roads, and even tearing the cloth into holes. The principle of the determination of the height of the weaving mouth is to ensure that the weaving mouth must be within the beaten point of the profiled steel reed so that weaving can be performed normally. The factors that determine the height of the opening are mainly the weave plate height and the thickness of the side support stand pad. On this dobby, we chose a weave plate with a height of 3mm and a better effect. In addition, the height of the heald frame also has a certain influence on the height of the weaving mouth, and it is sometimes considered.

The size of the opening angle has a great influence on the weft insertion and the production efficiency of the loom. When the opening angle is large, the shed has a high definition, which facilitates the weft insertion, but the opening angle is too large, and the warp yarn stretches when the opening is large. The high breakage rate affects the production efficiency of the loom. Under the condition of ensuring normal weft insertion, it is better to use a small opening angle. In the manual, the dobby opening angle is 30 degrees. In actual production, 28 or 26 degrees of opening angle is selected according to different fabric types, sometimes even 24 degrees, and the weaving effect is not bad. In addition, depending on the type of fabric, each heald frame can also use different opening angles. For fabrics with bad edges, we use ground fabrics and edge organizations to choose different opening angles to solve the problem.


Main technical features

1, a solid frame, a new structure

The use of strong double-sided wall panels and solid beams combine to create a sturdy frame and increase the middle support of the frame. The vibration resistance and reliability are good, ensuring high speed, wide width and low noise of the loom.


2, middle support device

The rocker shaft adopts a device supported by a solid shaft to improve the rigidity of the beat-up mechanism. Accurate and powerful beating in high-speed operation is a guarantee for weaving high-density fabrics.


3, optimized design of beat-up structure

Using a computer to optimize the design of the beat-up structure, the short course of action, vibration is small. The narrow-width machine uses 4-section link beat-ups that have excellent evaluation in terms of high-speed adaptability. On the wide-width machine side, 6-section link rods have been used to beat up the weft insertion time, achieving stable beating at high speeds.


4, energy-saving device

Auxiliary air bag is the distance from the auxiliary nozzle before the upper supporting gear, and the gas supply distance is short, which is more suitable for high-speed operation and reducing energy consumption.


5, electronic let-off device

The total tension of the warp is detected by the tension sensor, and the tension of the warp caused by the opening or loosening, let-off, warp beam diameter change is processed by the CPU, and the servo motor is instructed to drive the warp beam so as to maintain the equalized tension during the work process. Eliminate driving rarity and confidentiality to ensure a balanced fabric. The use of a rigid frame, large-diameter warp beam gears, and a built-in oil bath type positive loosening transmission shaft enable the loom to further speed up and to be more responsive to high-density fabric weaving requirements.


6, Take-up device

Mechanical continuous take up and electronic coiling are two forms. Combining the electronic let-off with accurate forward and reverse is effective for preventing parking stalls.


7, Power, super-starter motor

With today's advanced super-start motors, high output torque can be generated at the start of the loom to increase the beating force of the first shuttle. At the same time, a high-torque electromagnetic brake is used to increase the braking force, thereby preventing the occurrence of parking stalls and improving the fabric's product quality.





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