Hail Prevention Mesh Machinery

Hail Prevention Mesh Machinery

MW501 Hail prevention mesh machinery is specifically designed for the production of flood control nets, which have multiple functions:...

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MW501 Hail prevention mesh machinery

MW501 Hail prevention mesh machinery is specifically designed for the production of flood control nets, which have multiple functions:

1. After pest control nets are covered with insect-repellent vegetables, various insect pests such as cabbage caterpillar, diamondback moth, cabbage beetle, Spodoptera litura, flea beetle, cocoon beetle, aphid, etc. can be basically avoided. According to the test, the control effect of insect nets on cabbage cabbage caterpillar was 96%, the control effect of diamondback moth was 94%, the control effect on cowpea was 97%, the control effect of Liriomyza sativae was 95%, and the control effect on aphid was More than 90. Planting green vegetables with insect nets increased the average yield by 205.8 kilograms per mu per mu with an average income of 246.9 yuan, an annual increase of 1034.5 yuan, and a net increase of more than 800 yuan after deducting the use cost.

2. Disease prevention virus disease is a catastrophic disease on many vegetables, mainly transmitted by insects, especially aphids. Since the insect nets cut off the main transmission route of pests, it greatly reduced the infection of vegetable viruses. According to the test, after covering the insect net, the control efficacy of the vetch cabbage virus was 79%, and the yield increased by 22%.

3. Shading Humidity The shading rate of the white insect net is 15 to 20%. The relative humidity of the air in the net is 5% higher than that of the exposed ground, and it is about 10% higher after watering, which has a certain moisturizing effect.

4. After heavy rainstorms and strong storms hit the insect nets, the precipitation decreased by 21.6%. It fell into the net and became drizzle, and the impact was weakened, which was conducive to the development and growth of vegetables. Insect nets can reduce wind speed by 15 to 20%, and have better anti-typhoon effects. 





1.All machines are packed inner containers with standard exporting packages.

2.Delivery: machines will be ready within 35 business days after we confirm your deposit.









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