Air Jet Loom

  • Air Jet Auto Loom

    MA810 High speed air jet loom is improved on old model air jet loom machine, we follow the Toyota air jet loom technology, and make more innovation on it. As a result, the machine stability,...
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  • Smart Air-jet Looms

    MA710 smart air-jet loom is designed and developed based on water jet loom. The transmission system, mechanical let off, mechanical take up, shedding system and machine body are same as water jet...
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  • Waterjet to Air Jet Loom

    MA710 series of waterjet to air jet looms is a new type of air-jet looms that can be used for weaving all kinds of common fabrics, with low investment, fast energy consumption, and low energy...
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  • Cost-effective Air-jet Looms

    MA710 cost-effective air-jet loom is a new generation of air-jet looms launched by Qingdao Ming Source Machinery Technology Co., Ltd.
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  • Air Jet Loom with Four Colors

    MA710 Air jet loom with four colors is a shuttleless weaving machine that uses air jets to pull the weft across the shedding. The working principle is to use air as the weft insertion medium, and...
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  • Inbuilt Compressor Air Jet Loom

    MA712 inbuilt compressor air jet loom is newly developed by our company. Air pumps are installed at the outside of the machinery which is very convenient for maintenance and set-up and easy to...
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  • Independent Compressor Air-jet Loom

    MA712 Independent compressor air-jet loom is a new type of air-jet loom with low investment and high energy consumption. It can be used to weave all kinds of common fabrics.
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  • Rapier to Airjet Loom

    MA701 Rapier to airjet loom is converted from an air-jet loom. The main functions include a weft-detecting system, variable frequency let-off, automatic parking, stop air, and fault alarm indication.
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  • Jeans Weaving Machine

    MA810 Jeans weaving machine is a newly improved model of high speed air jet loom. With the rigidity of machine frame and top beam further strengthened, the whole machine is of desired stability,...
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  • Denim Fabric Machine

    The speed of the MA810 Denim fabric machine air jet loom is increased by 20% and the gas consumption is reduced by 40%.
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  • Centralized Air-jet Loom

    The speed of the MA810 Centralized air-jet loom has comprehensively and thoroughly considered energy conservation.
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  • Air Jet Loom with Dobby

    MA810 air jet loom with dobby adopts a box-type wall plate structure with reasonable structure and strong stability.
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