Cost-effective Air-jet Looms

Cost-effective Air-jet Looms

MA710 cost-effective air-jet loom is a new generation of air-jet looms launched by Qingdao Ming Source Machinery Technology Co., Ltd....

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Ma710 Cost-effective air-jet looms

MA710 cost-effective air-jet loom is a new generation of air-jet looms launched by Qingdao Ming Source Machinery Technology Co., Ltd. After years of painstaking research and development, our company's performance is comparable to that of the world's most advanced looms, and more reasonable control of the tension of the gantry and warp yarns. The system makes the weaving high-speed heavy fabrics more stable, the weft insertion system more efficient and energy-saving; MA710 series air-jet looms will lead the development of China's weaving machine weaving industry with its superior performance, and bring the most ideal weaving equipment for the textile industry.

Air-jet looms are shuttleless looms that use jet air to pull the weft across the shed. The working principle is to use air as the weft insertion medium, and the traction force generated by the jet of compressed air current on the weft yarn is used for traction. The weft yarn is passed through the shed and the jet generated by the jet is used to achieve the purpose of weft insertion. This kind of weft insertion can make the loom achieve high speed and high output. Among several types of shuttleless looms, air-jet looms are the highest speed type. Due to reasonable weft insertion method, high insertion rate, simple and safe operation, wide variety adaptability, low machine material consumption, and high efficiency. The advantages of high speed and low noise have become one of the most promising new types of cloth machines.

Compared to shuttle looms and rapier looms, the simple small air-jet looms are characterized by energy saving, labor saving, and high efficiency.


features of Ma710 Cost-effective air-jet looms:

1.MA710 series air-jet looms new ultra-stable frame. The new frame improves the rigidity of the frame, reduces the deformation of the frame during operation, enhances the deformation of the frame during operation of the entire machine, and enhances the operation of the entire machine. Stability, more suitable for high-speed heavyweight.

2.MA710 series air-jet looms multi-support balanced beat-up mechanism, squatting seat arm uses a power balance structure, while increasing the beating force while minimizing the vibration generated by the beat-up mechanism, is to improve the high-speed weaving performance is important Link.

3.The new back beam structure of MA710 series air-jet loom realizes the external loosening transmission, which facilitates the adjustment and maintenance. The left and right through tension sensing shafts accurately transfer the warp tension to the tension control system; shorten the length of the tension rear beam, and weaving heavy fabrics. The warp tension difference in the width direction caused by bending.

4.MA710 series of air-jet looms overlapped cloth structure, when weaving varieties need to change the width, the structure can easily adjust the right side of the temple, to avoid cutting off or replace the brace.














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