PP PE Weaving Machine

  • Paper-plastic Composite Cloth Weaving Machine

    The paper-plastic composite material is made of plastic and kraft paper. The plastic layer is usually made of pp polypropylene (pp) pp woven fabric, and the kraft paper is made of refined...
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  • PE Tarpaulin Making Machine

    MW608TX is a new type of water jet lom, which is specially designed for PP PE plastic weaving. This machine can be used to produce PP/PE tarpaulin, artifical turf fabric, black plastic mulch, weed...
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  • Tarpaulin Machine

    MW918 PP PE tarpaulin machine can weave wide-width plastic at a maximum speed of 750RPM. It is easy to operate even by an unskilled labor. It is very convenient to adjust.
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  • Flat Leno Machine

    This flat leno machine is a new model water jet power loom which is professionally improved from model 813 water jet loom.
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  • Geotextile Machine

    MW918 geotextile machine is a combination of Korea's mature plastic woven technology and Japan's Tsudakoma high-speed looms technology, which has led to the successful development of the new...
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  • Shade Net Machine

    The MW918 shade net machine can not only be woven with a wide spread, but also can be up to 750 rpm depending on the weaving conditions.
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  • Artificial Grass Base Cloth Loom

    MW918 Artificial grass base cloth loom can produce PP PE material turf base fabric, the width can reach 1.5~4.6 meters. The cloth made with this turf base cloth loom has a smooth surface, high...
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  • Carpet Base Fabric Loom

    MW918 Carpet base fabric loom is mainly used for the weaving of carpet base fabrics.
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  • Anti-grass Cloth Weaving Machine

    MW918 Anti-grass cloth weaving machine is mainly used for weaving grass cloth. Anti-grass fabrics are also known as "horticultural fabrics," "ground weaved films," "ground protective film," and so on.
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