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Air-jet looms have greatly improved production efficiency
May 30, 2018

The air jet loom detects the total warp tension by a tension sensor, and the CPU controls the warp tension change that occurs in the opening, loosening, let-off, and warp beam diameter changes, thereby ensuring warp accuracy and maintaining a constant tension in the warp. Because the air-jet looms adopt microcomputer technology and other electronic technologies to control the movement of the whole machine, especially the automatic monitoring of product quality, the production efficiency of air-jet looms is greatly improved. But at the same time, the requirements of the air-jet looms for electronic control systems are getting higher and higher. Not only do they have high performance, good stability, easy maintenance, and low failure rate, but they must also be able to adapt to high-temperature, high-humidity, multi-hair and dust environments. There are also strong anti-interference requirements for power supply fluctuations, group disturbances, etc.

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