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Causes and solutions to holes and edges in the weaving process
May 30, 2018

High speed water jet loom weaving holes can be divided into weaving and non-woven, and non-weaving mainly refers to the production of the cloth in the process of winding or falling cloth. , such as a bristle roller with a hard object (such as wire, yarn knot, broken harness, or other falling hard objects, etc.) damage to the fabric or crashed during transport, such holes, It is necessary to regulate the construction of the workshop system and management, and take some protective measures to prevent it from arising. The holes created in normal weaving are mainly due to the high heald frame height or the warp yarn weaving phenomenon caused by winding the upper weft yarns. The female workers did not find it and flowed during operation.


(1) Properly reduce the height of the heald frame so that the position of the beat-up point is correct, and avoid the occurrence of flaring on the upper lip of the reed.

(2) Opening the opening in advance, delaying the weft insertion, improving the clarity of the shed at the time of weft insertion, and reducing the situation that the warp yarn blocks the weft insertion on the left side.

(3) Appropriately increase the warp tension and increase the clarity of the shed.

(4) Replace the steel file, the straightness of the steel file is not enough, there is a bending phenomenon.

(5) Strengthen the training of women workers and improve the operation level.

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