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Color strip cloth and functions
Dec 10, 2018

Color strip cloth is a kind of tarpaulin, generally divided into polyethylene color strip cloth and polypropylene color strip cloth. The popular name is also called: new material color strip cloth (polyethylene PE) and old material color strip cloth (polypropylene PP).

The former is bright in color, flexible and has a long service life. The latter is slightly dim and has poor flexibility and is suitable for temporary use.

Color strip cloth machine


1. Tensile strength index: warp strength ≥ 2100N/5CM latitudinal strength ≥ 1600N/5CM

2. No water leakage, water pressure resistance value ≥ 2000MM water column

3. Can withstand low temperature, cold temperature is -20 ° C4. Can prevent mildew, mold test is a level.


Color strips are light fast and have good water resistance, so they are usually used on construction teams.

Color strip

Color strips (3 photos)

Color strip cloth use

1. Cargo tarpaulin for cars, trains, and ships

2. It can be used as a cover for the open-air warehouse of the station terminal harbor airport.

3. Can build temporary granaries and various crops for outdoor cover

4. It can be used as a construction site for temporary construction sheds and temporary warehouses for various construction sites such as power construction sites on construction sites.

5. It can be processed into camping tents and outer sheaths of various machinery and equipment.

color strip cloth machine

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