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Shuttleless loom
May 30, 2018

The basic characteristics common to shuttleless looms are that the weft yarns are separated from the shuttle or only a small number of weft yarns are replaced by small and light weft feeders to replace large and heavy shuttles, providing favorable conditions for high-speed weft insertion. . In the supply of weft yarns, bobbin packages are directly used, and weft insertion devices enter the weft insertion mechanism, freeing the loom from frequent weft filling operations.

The use of shuttleless weaving machines is of great significance for increasing fabric variety, adjusting fabric structure, reducing fabric defects, improving fabric quality, reducing noise, and improving working conditions. The shuttleless loom has a high speed and is usually 4-8 times more efficient than a shuttle loom. Therefore, the application of a shuttleless loom in a large area can greatly increase labor productivity.

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