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Braiding Machine Features
May 30, 2018

Knitting machines can be divided into sweater knitting machines, glove knitting machines, wire knitting machines, wire mesh knitting machines, straw rope knitting machines, elastic band knitting machines, and plastic net bag knitting machines.


1. Fully automatic N-color device

With the newly developed N color control line device, N colors can be knitted on the single plate or double plate.

2, large-capacity memory

It can store and memorize larger complicated flower designs that have been designed. It can store N ingots/X indentations at maximum, and can store up to N ingots/X indents for N-color flowers above a single color.

3, magnetic card input system

The designed flower PPD-35 is removed, and then inserted into the card holder of the CK35 knitting machine. By simply operating, the flower design in the magnetic card can be quickly input into the knitting machine.

4、Automatic safe operation of electric motor

5, can freely change the width of the knitting, fast and convenient.

6.SPE design concept

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