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Methods Of Saving Energy On Air Jet Loom
Jul 14, 2016

The shuttleless loom mainly includes a gripper loom, a water jet loom, an air jet loom, and a rapier loom. Among them, the unit energy consumption of the projectile weaving machine (calculated by weaving per square meter of cloth) is the lowest, followed by the water jet loom, and the jet and rapier weaving machine are the highest. Which kind of loom a company purchases can't just use energy consumption as its main indicator, but textile machinery factories must pay attention to energy-saving technology when introducing new machines.简易喷气主图模板.jpg

The high energy consumption of air jet looms is mainly due to the energy consumption of the nozzles. The air jet loom manufacturers have studied the nozzle holes of the auxiliary nozzles very early, and adopted the shapes of single holes, porous holes, inverted cone holes, etc. Many of them have been applied in practice, and the auxiliary nozzles of various aperture shapes are excellent. Various innovations in the nozzles (including the primary and secondary nozzles) and the trachea not only save energy but also improve the weft insertion quality.

With the wide application of electronic technology in the monitoring and monitoring of looms, various companies have successively introduced new technologies and new measures for energy saving. For example, the application of electromagnetic nozzles for air jet looms is one electromagnetic shield from the past 4 to 6 auxiliary nozzles. The valve is equipped with 1 solenoid valve to 2 auxiliary nozzles, and the ordered switch of the solenoid valve is controlled by the electric control box to achieve the purpose of airflow relay injection. According to reports, this new technology can save 10% to 15% of air consumption. Taking an air jet loom of 4750px width as an example, the air consumption of a jet looms is 0.5-0.6 cubic meters per minute, and 48 air jet looms are equipped with air compressors of nearly 40 cubic meters per minute. A 40 m3/min compressed air machine is equipped with a tens of kilowatts of electric motor. Generally, the 4750px air jet loom has 24 to 26 auxiliary nozzles. In the weft insertion channel, each auxiliary nozzle has a spacing of 70 to 80 mm. Since 4 to 6 auxiliary nozzles are equipped with one solenoid valve, that is, 4 to 6 auxiliary nozzle switches. Time is at the same time, which can not save gas consumption. Now there are two auxiliary nozzles of the air jet loom equipped with one solenoid valve, and only two auxiliary nozzles have the same switching time, which creates conditions for saving gas consumption. As the speed of the loom increases and the number of auxiliary sprays controlled by each solenoid valve decreases, the speed of the auxiliary nozzle is required to be accelerated. This technique cannot be promoted without a high-performance, high-speed solenoid valve.

In addition to the energy consumption of air weft insertion in the loom, the energy consumption of other institutions is also very large, and the most important is the beating mechanism. There are two kinds of beating mechanisms: crank-link mechanism and conjugate cam beating, and each of the two mechanisms has advantages and disadvantages. A comparison of production practices over 20 years shows that both types of beating mechanisms meet production requirements. For individual heavy-weight wide fabrics, the conjugate cam beating mechanism has its outstanding advantages, and the crank-link beating mechanism is slightly lacking in this respect. The two institutions are identical for most products. In terms of quantity, the air-jet loom has an absolute majority of crank-and-pin linkages. The rapier loom evolved from a crank-link beating mechanism to a conjugate wheel beating mechanism. The projectile weaving machine is not suitable for the conjugate cam beating mechanism.

Followed by the opening mechanism. Whether the cam opening or the multi-arm opening is a mechanism that consumes a lot of energy. But the same is the cam opening, and the negative cam consumes slightly less energy than the active cam. There are advantages and disadvantages of the two types of cam openings, and users should purchase them according to the specific conditions. The multi-arm opening consumes more energy than the cam opening. Japan's Toyota Corporation and Tsudakoma Co., Ltd. have successively introduced an electronic multi-arm with one servo motor, and eliminated the electromagnet, cam, etc. The energy consumption is much lower than that of the existing electronic multi-arm, and the adjustment is also very convenient.


When it comes to air jet loom, you can't help but mention the air compressor. At present, the air compressors used by domestic enterprises are not ideal, the compressor efficiency is low, and because the vibration and noise are relatively large, the compressor should be installed at a certain distance from the air jet loom workshop, so that the energy consumption of the pipeline is very large. Japan's air-jet looms use plants all use small-capacity air compressors. If 48 air-jet looms are used, only four small-capacity air compressors are needed, and three of them are normally open for standby. Instead, four devices are rotated in sequence. It is installed not far from the loom, and some even in the production hall. From this point of view, energy consumption is definitely lower than ours.

The air compressor is divided into two types: absolute oil-free and oil-filtered indirect oil-free. Oil-based air compressors are superior to absolute oil-free in terms of operating efficiency, life, and energy consumption. Twenty years ago, companies used absolutely oil-free air compressors. In recent years, many users have switched to oil-based air compressors, and their prices are much cheaper than absolute oil-free air compressors. The oil air compressor has been continually explored and improved. First, it has changed the type of lubricating oil. It uses a lubricating oil that can be cleaned and degreased. In case the filter is ineffective, oil spills on the finished cloth and can be processed later. Eliminated in the process of printing and dyeing. There are also deficiencies in oil-based air compressors. Their lubricants have a certain service life and should be replaced regularly. At the same time, the oil filter net should be cleaned or replaced regularly.


In recent years, various air compressor factories have also introduced electronically controlled variable frequency motors and infinitely variable air compressors. According to the introduction, energy can be saved by about 10%. It is energy efficient because the speed of the motor can be adjusted according to the amount of air consumption. Take 96 air jet looms as an example. Under normal circumstances, the air supply is greater than the air consumption, because there are always several shutdowns of 96 looms. Although there is one air reservoir to adjust the air volume, if the looms are parked more When the air volume of the gas storage cylinder is full, the air compressor will stop. After the centrifugal air pressure shutdown, it takes 30 minutes to restart, and it is not allowed to stop and open. Therefore, all methods are adopted to stop emptying, so that part of the energy is wasted. This energy-saving air compressor can solve the problem of venting, thus saving energy.

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