170cm Waterjet Loom Machine

170cm Waterjet Loom Machine

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280cm Cam Shedding Water Jet Loom

MW851-ZETA 280cm Cam Shedding Water Jet Loom is ok for double width fabric weaving while on one water jet loom machine. The working efficiency and production will be highly enlarged.

The working efficiency is 95%, speed is 580rpm with cam shedding 12 shaft.

This 280cm cam shedding water jet loom is very popular in India, Pakistan, Russia, Iran, Indonesia markets.201807191527466917139.jpg




Advantages of MW851-ZETA 170cm Waterjet Loom Machine

Waterjet loom machine is a high-speed looper commonly used in recent years, but its products are also limited. Many products cannot be produced, but the production efficiency of general interior fabrics is extremely high. The water jet loom needs to be installed and debugged after the new machine is in place. This process requires some experience before operation. The parameters in the looms are for reference only. The main reason is that the accuracy of each part of the loom is affected, and the operation of each part cannot be perfected. However, the looms should be initially adjusted according to the parameters, and then adjusted according to experience.

The water jet loom belongs to a jet loom, which uses water as a weft insertion medium, and generates a frictional traction force on the weft yarn by spraying the water flow, so that the weft yarn on the fixed bobbin is introduced into the shed. Due to the good concentration of water flow, there is no waterproof flow diffusing device on the water jet loom, even if it can reach more than two meters.

The water jet loom has a good water flow bundling property, and the frictional traction of the water on the weft yarn is also large, so that the weft yarn flying speed and the loom speed of the water jet loom are the first in various types of loom. It is more suitable for weaving of hydrophobic fiber yarns such as synthetic fibers and glass fibers, so there are limitations in the variety. Typical devices include: jet pumps, water droplet sealing and recovery devices, fabric dewatering and drying devices, and the like.





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