190cm Double Nozzle Water Jet Loom

190cm Double Nozzle Water Jet Loom

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190cm Double Nozzle Water Jet Loom

MW851-ZETA 190cm double nozzle water jet loom is specially designed according to customer's requirements.

This machine is suitable for Bed Linen, Curtain, Upholstery Range, Kitchen Product, Quilted Product etc..

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Features of MW851-ZETA 190cm Double Nozzle Water Jet Loom

1. Rack: The water jet loom has a high rigidity frame structure, which can weave high-density and stable woven heavy and high-density fabrics. The main wall board of the water jet loom adopts high-grade cast iron, and the main beam adopts special-shaped seamless steel pipe to ensure The high quality and high output of the fabric, the large wall panel and the side panel of the middle wall panel are tempered to prevent deformation.

2. The opening mechanism: flat opening, upper cam opening, multi-arm opening, increase the size of the open link, lifting shaft and other parts, using double-bone bone, wide-edge heavy brown frame, to ensure high-speed operation and When the medium thick fabric is woven, the warp yarn opening is stable and reliable, and the shed is clear.

3. Weft yarn detecting mechanism: The photoelectric weft detector is composed of precise electronic components. If it is impacted by a collision or the like, its function will be affected. Sensitive photoelectric weft detectors can be accurately detected from raw silk to strong silk, from low denier to high denier, and the weft breaks in time to prevent the occurrence of weaving.

4. Weaving edge structure: The cloth edge form is a rope edge, the cloth edge is fastened, it is not easy to loose, and there is no color difference after dyeing. The aluminum alloy planetary gear system is used for the high speed operation and light vibration and small vibration. The nylon ring gear is used to reduce noise and make replacement easy.

5. Beating mechanism: It can be equipped with four-link or six-link beating mechanism (when wide width is above 280CM), multi-point support, with counterweight beating shaft, more suitable for high-speed operation, stainless steel for squat and sliding seat It improves the beating force and can weave high-density and medium-thickness fabrics with tight fabric.

6. The delivery mechanism: the whole series uses electronic delivery, electronic coiling, can achieve variable weft dense weaving.

7. Electronic curl: The mechanism is small in design, large in output power, easy to adjust, fully automatic operation on various fibers, ensuring synchronization in the weaving process.

8. Electronic delivery: the warp tension is stable, to meet the needs of a variety of fabrics, can improve the grade of the fabric, the replacement of fabric varieties is more convenient and faster, improve production efficiency.





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