Medical Gauze Making Production Line

Medical Gauze Making Production Line

Medical gauze making production line adopts a box-type wall plate structure with reasonable structure and strong stability, the multi-support balanced counterweight beat-up system enables the loom to be more stable at high speed and is more conducive to......

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Ma708 Medical gauze making production line

Medical gauze making production line adopts a box-type wall plate structure with reasonable structure and strong stability, the multi-support balanced counterweight beat-up system enables the loom to be more stable at high speed and is more conducive to tightening the weft yarn. Equipped with high-speed computing, intelligent 10-inch large screen man-machine interface electronic control system, high-speed response of the imported solenoid valve, optimized air control system, the use of fixed main nozzle + swing main nozzle + auxiliary nozzle high-speed weft insertion, so that weaving The machine consumes 20% less gas than the domestic model. The configuration of electronic let-off and electronic take-up enables the user to simply input the weft density through the display screen, without replacing the weft-enclosed gear, and the weft-weaving can be realized, thereby expanding the weaving range. Has the advantages of simple operation, easy maintenance and high production efficiency.

The MA708 medical gauze making production line is mainly used for weaving medical gauze, which has the remarkable features of energy saving, high production efficiency, good fabric quality, and low production cost. The machine beat-up mechanism adopts a pipe rake, which is particularly advantageous for the weft insertion airflow to accumulate forward, and the accuracy of the weft insertion is favorable for improving the weft insertion effect. The hemming method adopts air jetting and folding, which breaks through the mechanical folding method adopted by existing air jet looms. Folding is efficient, effective and easy to implement. The air flow compression device can be supplied with air from the main and auxiliary cylinders respectively, and through the special arrangement of cranks and eccentrics on the same power input shaft, energy can be reasonably used. The air flow can meet the needs of multiple parts of the loom, and is conducive to the time-sharing of the two parts.


Main Technical features

1、Electronic take-up device: The servo motor is used in the curling part, and it is controlled by the computer to make it rotate synchronously with the weaving machine to control the density of beating. The weft density can be set on the man-machine interface without changing gears. In addition, the linkage operation with the electronic let-off enables the on-board operation to be more easily performed.

2. Electronic let-off device: The tension of the warp yarn is measured by the tension sensor. The tension of the warp yarn changes due to the opening or loosening of the CPU processor, the warping of the warp and the warp beam, and the servo motor drives the warp beam so that it can be used in the work process. Keep a balanced tension in the middle, eliminate the drive to the dense floor, and ensure that the fabric is even and smooth.

The use of a high-rigidity frame, a large-diameter warp beam gear, and a built-in oil bath type active loosening transmission shaft enable the loom to further increase the speed of the loom, and can be more sensitively adapted to the weaving requirements of high density fabrics.

3, shedding system: the use of positive cam shedding, electronic multi-arm opening device (optional). Can be adapted to plain weave, twill and satin and other fabrics. The parts of the cam box are lubricated with an oil bath and are not easily damaged.

4, automatic lubrication system: Through the computer-controlled electric oil pump, automatic pump timing oil, without artificial oil, with the outstanding advantages of timely oil supply, can extend the life of moving parts. 



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1.All machines are packed inner containers with standard exporting packages.

2.Delivery: machines will be ready within 35 business days after we confirm your deposit.





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