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Development prospects of air jet loom
Jul 30, 2016

Since the introduction of large-scale domestic air jet looms in the 1980s, air-jet looms have gradually become a dominant model for shuttleless looms. The high speed, high efficiency and high automation of air jet looms have been recognized by people, but their adaptability to the weaving varieties is still insufficient. In the past, it was generally believed that the variety of air-jet looms was poor, but after 20 years of development in the 20th century, the adaptability of air-jet looms has caught up or exceeded the rapier weaving in terms of width, fabric thickness and yarn-dyed. Machine and projectile loom. The woven width of the contemporary air jet loom has been widened from 1.9 m to 4 m, and a plurality of weaving machines can be realized. The weft insertion color is developed from monochrome to 4 colors, 6 colors, and even up to 12 colors, and the weft color can be arbitrarily changed according to the fabric requirements. The texture of the fabric has evolved from simple plain and twill in the past to jacquard and terry. The applicability of the type of weft yarn is greatly widened. With the increase of the weight and variety of fabrics, the air jet loom can weave fine and high-density light and high-grade clothing fabrics, as well as thick fabrics of thick high-density denim series. In fact, the weaving variety of air-jet looms has been spread over thin fabrics, heavy fabrics, jacquard fabrics, high-grade wool, filaments, silk fabrics, floral fabrics, towels, sheets, bedspreads, light curtain fabrics, fiberglass; On the weaving of fashion fabrics, air jet loom has begun to become a major player.

The varieties that were previously only produced on rapier looms and projectile looms can now be produced on air jet looms. Further improving the yarn feeding system and the weft insertion process, the air jet loom will be applied to all yarns to produce more novel fabrics.


The status of Chinese air jet loom

Among various shuttleless looms, air jet looms have many advantages such as high speed, high productivity, high efficiency, low noise, excellent fabric style, convenient operation, high automation, wide application range, etc. Shuttle loom. After nearly 20 years of development, there has been tremendous development in terms of speed, width and variety adaptability. The varieties and specifications of domestic air jet looms have developed greatly, and have entered a stable stage. The speed of rotation has been significantly improved, the range of weaving has been expanded, and the product quality has been stable. It has been able to meet the needs of domestic textile enterprises for weaving different fabrics.

1. Speed, width and latitude

The speed of China's air-jet looms has generally increased. The design and installation level of the Chinese air-jet looms in the rack, beating system, weft insertion system, etc. have been greatly improved, and the vibration and noise have been improved. Great reduction. With the increase of the width and speed, the Chinese air-jet looms have generally increased.

2. Electronic control technology and automation level

Foreign air jet looms can realize remote network control and management of loom at the overall technical level. The level of mechatronics of Chinese air jet looms has been improved, and technologies such as electronic let-off, electronic coiling, electronic weft storage, electronic scissors, electronic selvage, and electronic weft tensioners have been widely used.

3. Pneumatic system

The main nozzle has been changed from a single nozzle to a double nozzle and a multi-nozzle, and the jet weft insertion frequency of the jet nozzle of the air jet loom can be greatly improved.


Modern air jet loom development trend

1. localization

China is the largest shuttleless looms market in the world. Manufacturing in China can reduce manufacturing and processing costs and labor costs. Therefore, many foreign companies have established wholly-owned enterprises in China.

2. High speed and low vibration

As can be seen from the current air jet loom, there are two ways to improve the latitude of the latitude, one is to increase the speed of the vehicle, and the other is to increase the width of the door. Ultra-high speed will inevitably bring about large vibrations, so reducing vibration has become the focus of everyone's attention. In order to increase the speed of the loom, the vibration amplitude of the vibration source is reduced in view of the vibration source; on the other hand, the anti-vibration capability is improved to ensure the high-speed running performance of the air jet loom.

3. Intelligent

The successful application of computer technology on air jet looms has greatly advanced the process of intelligent air jet looms. This makes the current air jet loom even skilled in general practice. With the rapid advancement of computer technology, the intelligentization of air jet looms will be further developed, and the unmanned weaving workshop will not be mythical in the future.

4. Networking

The full application of network technology on air jet looms brings great convenience in management. Through the connection between the loom, the loom and the computer, the computer and the Internet, it is convenient to collect the production data and make a chart or a report, and monitor the setting parameters of the loom in the office, which can be easily queried. Parts can be placed on the order, allowing the loom manufacturer to perform remote diagnosis or provide technical support without leaving the house.

5. Variety adaptability

Modern air-jet looms have been greatly improved in terms of variety adaptability, not only in the type and number of yarns used, but also in the range of their weaving.

6. Energy saving

When jet looms manufacturers introduce new generation looms, they are adopting new technologies to reduce compressed air consumption and power consumption. Nowadays, when users choose the air jet loom, energy saving is a major factor to consider.


China's air-jet looms market is huge and its development prospects are good; the development of air-jet looms with independent intellectual property rights to replace imports will benefit the technological progress of China's textile industry and enhance the competitiveness of enterprises in the international market; therefore, domestic looms manufacturing plants The development of air jet loom products should be given full attention and attention.

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