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The difference between rapier looms and air jet looms
Oct 04, 2016

Rapier loom and air jet loom are two very important weaving machines in textile industry.

Now let’s see what’s the difference between these two types of weaving machines.


Selvage organization distinction:

Distinguish from the edge of the edge tissue:

1) Usually the polyester cotton thread is a rapier (locking device), and the filament is a jet weaving (planetary gear device).

2) The jet double-open fabric, one side being a thread and the other side being a filament. (The middle is the seaming device, and the two weft planetary gears are installed)

3) The rapier double-open fabric, both sides of the yarn are polyester cotton threads (both are seaming devices).

Loom division

Rapier loom: Use a rigid or flexible rapier head to bring the grip and guide the weft. In addition to being suitable for weaving plain and textured fabrics, rapier looms are characterized by easy color change and suitable for multi-color weft fabrics, suitable for the production of yarn-dyed, double-layered velvet fabrics, terry fabrics and decorative fabrics.

Air jet loom: The weft yarn is drawn by the jetted compressed air stream, and the weft yarn is carried through the shed. The most important feature of air jet loom is its high speed and high labor productivity. It is suitable for plain and textured fabrics, fine high density fabrics and bulk fabrics.


Advantages and disadvantages of grey cloth

1. Jet production of grey fabrics generally has more varieties of fine yarns, higher grades, mainly light and thin fabrics; rapier machines generally have more varieties of coarse yarns, and the varieties have lower grades, mainly thick fabrics.

2. From the equipment, the jet and rapier are nothing more than weft insertion.

3. Weaving the same kind of grey fabric, the cost of raw materials is the same, the cost of weaving is lower, such as twill, the speed of jet is up to 800 rpm, the arrow is only about 180-200 rpm, and the jet squad is watching 10-12. The arrow shaft is up to 4-6 sets.

Common and difference

Common: all are raw edges, can be the same specification

Difference: under the premise of yarn count and specifications

1 The jet weight is a little lighter. 2 The flatness of the air jet flat fabric is better than that of the rapier. 3 air-jet looms fabric shrinkage rate will be correspondingly larger. 4 The quality of the air jet yarn is better than the rapier.

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