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What are the causes of double weft?
May 30, 2018

What are the causes of double weft?

When two complete or incomplete weft yarns are combined together and together, in a weaving mouth, the tissue that damages the plain weave fabric is called a double weft twill fabric called a hundred feet. The main reason for the formation is as follows:

1, the opening is not clear, when the weft yarn enters the weaving mouth, the side yarn or other warp yarn is loose, and the weft yarn is hung to form a double weft:

2. The installation position of the left scissors is bad, the cutting time is wrong, and the cutting edge of the scissors is not sharp and continuous weft yarn:

3. After wefts (or short wefts) are generated due to various reasons, weft detectors are misidentified:

4. The sensitivity of the second weft scanner is too low or does not work. After the weft is broken, the weft yarn cannot be detected and double weft is formed:

5. The operator is not operating properly and the weft in the weaving mouth is not completely removed.

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