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Causes and elimination methods of weaving weave - Right weft shrinkage
May 30, 2018

The main reason is that the weft yarns are disturbed by other factors during the flight, and the stability of the weft yarn flight is not enough. The weft shrinkage is mostly in the shape of a balloon and appears on the right side edge support area of the fabric. It is difficult to completely solve this kind of weft shrinkage. It can only be considered from the perspective of influencing factors, and it can be improved and reduced by increasing the clarity of the shed.


(1) Increase warp tension appropriately to increase the clarity of the shed.

(2) Properly lower the position of the rear beam frame, raise the heald frame, reduce the warp tension difference between the upper and lower warps, and increase the clarity of the shed.

(3) Improve the quality of the original yarn and sizing, reduce the impurities and hairiness of the nep, and reduce the phenomenon that the warp yarns of the upper and lower layers stick to each other when opening.

(4) Check the timing of the edging of the left and right clinchers.

(5) Use steel hoops as much as possible to use a larger nickname, the original 4/buckle can be changed 3/buckle, 3/buckle can be changed 2/buckle, will receive better results, the buckle number is large, each button wears As the number of people decreases, the phenomenon of adhesion between warp yarns will greatly improve.

(6) Kink The production of weft shrinkage is mostly due to the excessive twist of the weft yarn or the bending of the steel skein causing the knit yarn to be kinked and unable to straighten.

(7) The excellent hefting process, the best configuration of the weft insertion time, the main and auxiliary nozzle action time, and the pressure of the main and auxiliary nozzles.

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