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How To Grasp The Future Of Water Jet Loom
Sep 30, 2016

Air jet loom and water jet loom are like a pair of brothers in a shuttleless loom. The two principles are similar but have their own distinct characteristics and different application fields. Compared with other shuttleless looms, both of them have the characteristics of less color selection, suitable production of light and thin fabrics, high latitude, and fast looms. In addition, both are passive weft insertions, which are used to pull the weft yarn through the shed through the blasting medium, the difference being that the medium used is water and air.

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The field of filament weaving is generally considered to be the world of water jet loom. This is because the frictional traction force of the water jet weft insertion is larger than that of the air jet weft insertion to the weft yarn, and the diffusibility is smaller, and it is more suitable for the need for the weft insertion of the filaments such as synthetic fibers and glass fibers with a smooth surface. At the same time, water can also increase the electrical conductivity of the composite fiber, effectively overcoming the static electricity in the weaving. In addition, due to the good concentration of the water stream, even without any water-flow diffusing device, its width can reach more than two meters. Therefore, the weft flight speed and loom speed of the water jet loom are the first among all kinds of loom.

Air jet loom uses air as a weft insertion medium, which is rich in resources and inexpensive, and can be recycled. Since the invention, air jet looms have been highly anticipated. The development of air jet looms in the initial stage was slow, mainly due to the narrow width. However, with the application of the main nozzle and the auxiliary nozzle, the pipe piece and the special-shaped 筘, multi-nozzle group relay jet, etc., the problem of the width limitation of the development of the air jet looms has been solved. Coupled with its inherently fast speed and wide variety adaptability, air jet loom has developed rapidly in recent years.


The purchase of equipment by enterprises will eventually focus on cost. In terms of procurement cost, the price of water jet loom is always lower than that of air jet loom; in terms of cost of use, the energy consumption of air jet loom is greater than that of water jet loom, and the power consumption caused by air compressor makes the processing of air jet loom The cost is much higher than the water jet loom. On the surface, the water jet loom seems to be superior in terms of cost. However, the use of water jet loom is always inseparable from the problem of sewage discharge. Because of the large amount of sewage discharge, some developed countries have basically stopped using water jet loom due to environmental protection requirements. Large cities in China also have requirements for environmental protection, and it is difficult for enterprises to pass the environmental assessment. In some areas where environmental requirements are low and water resources are abundant, water jet loom still has a large market because of cost advantages.

In the field of filament weaving, the future trend of water jet loom and air jet loom depends on multiple factors. However, in the long run, the water jet loom has certain limitations. The use of water as a medium is the basic principle of a water jet loom. Because of the nature of the medium, its variety adaptability and characteristics of water consumption do not change. The pressure of environmental protection is irreversible and can only grow bigger and bigger. Even if the sewage treatment technology advances in the future, it can only relieve the pressure of water use to a certain extent, and cannot solve this problem fundamentally. So the above two problems are difficult to make breakthroughs in technology. Just like the problem of the width of the air jet loom, the production cost and energy consumption of the air jet loom are very serious, but it is likely to be solved with the advancement of technology.

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