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Water Quality Standard For Water Jet Loom
Nov 12, 2018

851 water  jet loom

Water quality standard for water jet loom

Analysis Project

Optimum water quality standard

Allowable water quality standard

Main ingredient

Impact on weaving and weaving machines

Turbidity (mg/kg)

Below 1.5

Below 2.0

Organic matter: animal and plant debris, corrosive soil, microorganisms

Inorganic matter: clay, rock, soil microparticles; iron, manganese and other oxides

Attached to rust, rust, corrosion, clogging, stains on the fabric

PH(25 degree)



Corrosive and corrosive due to acidic or alkaline water, the slurry is desizing due to alkaline water

Total hardness

 Below 25

Below 30

Calcium ion,

Magnesium ions

The weft insertion may be caused by the adhesion of water rust on the nozzle; the electric rust is attached to the electric rust, which causes poor weft insertion, which makes the insulation of the weft detector low.

All iron and manganese ions


Below 0.15

 Below 0.2

Ionic oxide,Fe2+,Mn2+

Corrosion, coloring

Free chlorine molecule


Below 0.1

Below 0.3

Strong corrosive and strong oxidizing power



Below 12

Below 20


The biggest cause of corrosion, causing damage to the pump spring



Below 50

Below 60

Condensate (NaHCO3), etc. due to softening treatment of hydrogen carbonate ion HCO3

Does not cause direct effects on fabrics, etc.

Potassium permanganate consumption(COD)


Below 2

Below 3

Organic matter, bacteria, mold, etc.

Corrosion, stains on the fabric, falling pulp, low film strength

Evaporation residue


Below 100

Below 150

Total amount of impurities in water

Cause various faults





Conductivity between electrodes that are spaced apart in water (depending on the electrolyte dissolved in the water)

If it is obviously low, the function of the power-on weft detector will be impaired; if it is too high, it means that there are too many impurities in the water, which increases the electric corrosion of the probe.

Water temperature




If it is too high, the phenomenon of falling pulp increases, and the bacteria are easy to multiply; if it is too low, the strength of the slurry, wax, etc. is low. Too high or too low will cause the weft insertion performance to drop.


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