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Loom Pattern Can Be Infinitely Cycled
May 30, 2018

The loom pattern can be infinitely circulated and changed rapidly. The machine width is 150, 168 inches, and the machine number is E14, E18. The highest knitting speed is 250 courses/minute. In addition to the computer-controlled high-speed warping machine, the sectional warping machine that is matched with the warp knitting machine has developed a computer real-time monitoring high-speed warping machine. The warping machine dedicated to the crochet knitting machine has also been successfully developed. The flat knitting machine in the flat knitting machine has been independently developed into a knitting needle rest flat knitting machine, which can produce various forming structures and three-dimensional primary forming fabrics. The automatic knitting collar knitting machine has adopted microcomputer control, computer automatic flat knitting machine and computer automatic glove machine. Has been promoted to use, computer flat knitting machine up to 60 inches.

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