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High-speed Looms
May 30, 2018

Through the introduction of foreign advanced technology and independent development, in addition to the general type, the loom has a high-speed type, a maximum speed of 2000 rpm, and has a user-selectable P (Terry) device, E (Elastic) device or EP device, there are double-faced tricot tricot machine. Raschel warp knitting machine has many combs, Jacquard, double needle bed, net warp knitting machine and other products, double needle bed Raschel warp knitting machine has a plush type (weaving 16 ~ 30mm double layer Fabric), short plush type (weavable 4 ~ 25mm double fabric), the machine up to 110 to 180 inches, machine number E16 ~ E20, the maximum weaving speed of up to 600 rows / min, using a pin-style latch needle system; The velvet double needle bed warp knitting machine is used to weave standing, velvet, velveteen, and spacer fabrics (without slitting), with a machine width of 84 to 136 inches, machine number E20 to E24, and a maximum knitting speed of 800 courses/minute.

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