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The Composition Of The Loom
May 30, 2018

1. Opening mechanism: According to the fabric structure, the warp yarns are separated from each other to form a shed for the weft insertion.

2, weft insertion mechanism: the weft yarn into the shed.

3, beat-up mechanism: the weft inserted into the shed to the fabric, forming a fabric.

4, take-up mechanism: the fabric has been woven from the fabric forming area, rolled into a certain volume.

5, let-off agencies: According to the need to interweave warp yarn, and warp yarn has a certain tension.

6, rack, start, brake, transmission agencies.

7, protection device: to prevent weaving, safe operation.

8. Automatic filling device: After the weft is used up, it will automatically fill the weft.

9, multi-color weft supply device: alternating supply of different weft yarns intertwined, without parking.

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