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The Creation Of Air-jet Looms
May 30, 2018

Americans invented air-jet looms in 1914, Czechoslovakia produced the first commercial air-jet looms in 1950, and air-jet looms began to be used in industrial production in the 1970s. Early air-jet looms were able to produce only narrow fabrics. The speed of the loom was low and the quality of the fabric was poor, producing only a plain, simple, plain plain fabric. The speed, automatic monitoring level, product quality and variety adaptability of modern new-type air-jet looms have all been greatly improved, and have become the fastest-growing models in shuttleless looms. At present, advanced foreign air-jet looms have adopted a large number of advanced technologies, especially electronic and micro-electronic technologies, which have greatly improved the performance of air-jet looms under the premise of ensuring product quality.

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