280cm Cam Shedding Water Loom

280cm Cam Shedding Water Loom

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280cm Cam Shedding Water Jet Loom

MW851-ZETA 280cm Cam Shedding Water Jet Loom is ok for double width fabric weaving while on one water jet loom machine. The working efficiency and production will be highly enlarged.

The working efficiency is 95%, speed is 580rpm with cam shedding 12 shaft.

This 280cm cam shedding water jet loom is very popular in India, Pakistan, Russia, Iran, Indonesia markets.




MW851-ZETA 280cm Cam Shedding Water Jet Loom

The water jet loom not only has the principle of weft insertion and its advanced equipment. Its other institutions and devices have also developed greatly, with a high degree of automation, such as automatic weft detection (automatic shed) devices, automatic processing of weft breaking devices. The application of electric technology and microcomputer technology on water jet loom is very common, such as electronic multi-arm, electronic let-off, electronic coiling and electronic color selection, etc., which realizes the integration of “machine, electricity and instrument” on many models. On the one hand, it adapts to the requirements of high-speed weaving, on the other hand, it also improves product quality and labor productivity.

At present, the manufacturers of water jet loom are mainly in Japan, the Czech Republic and Italy, and recently the cooperation models in Korea and China have also entered the domestic market. However, from the advancement of technology and the performance in the market, the leading companies in Japan are the TEXSYS-based company and the Tsudakoma Industrial Co., Ltd., which are produced in Japan. The models are Nissan and Tsudakoma, respectively. Cooperate with Shenyang Textile Machinery Factory and Xianyang Textile Machinery Factory in China to produce water jet loom. With the increasing demand for chemical fiber fabrics, water jet loom will be in short supply in China and the world.



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