Centralized Air-jet Loom

The speed of the MA810 Centralized air-jet loom has comprehensively and thoroughly considered energy conservation....

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Ma810 Centralized air-jet loom

The speed of the MA810 Centralized air-jet loom has comprehensively and thoroughly considered energy conservation. Its speed, automatic monitoring level, product quality, and variety adaptability have all been greatly improved, becoming the fastest-growing domestically-made shuttleless looms. model. The use of a large number of advanced technologies, especially electronic and microelectronics technologies, has greatly improved the performance of air-jet looms under the premise of ensuring product quality.


Air-jet looms are mainly different from carriers, and air-jet looms are high-pressure air. The system of the loom is still five major systems, opening, weft insertion, beating, winding and let-off. The most different from other weaving machines is the weft insertion system. The opening is generally selected as a high-speed opening device. Weave beats were used for weft insertion and cam beats. Both the let-off and take-up are electronic let-offs. The high speed of the loom and the high quality of the product make it one of the more popular weaving machines in the weaving industry.


Advatages of MA810 centralized air-jet loom

high speed

MA810 series high-speed air-jet looms combine the ultra-high speed and low energy consumption effectively through the optimized weaving structure, the beat-up mechanism with a good balance, and the high-level weft insertion system. The MA810 centralized air-jet loom fuses the advanced German digital chip processing technology and cooperates with Shanghai B&R to develop and use the “smart cruise system” to further advance the loom to the smart age.

Energy saving

MA810 series high-speed air-jet loom adopts fast calculation and electric control design, which controls the solenoid valve with high accuracy and high transmission speed, reduces the lag angle of nozzle injection, shortens the gas delivery path, and reduces gas consumption. The use of new energy-saving steel crucibles and energy-saving nozzles and imported pressure control systems from Germany, the optimization of the manufacturer's overall energy-saving gas path, and the precise control of the commissioning parameters, reduce the air consumption from the original 1.2-0.8 cubic meters per minute to 0.8- With 0.5 cubic meters, the total operating cost is reduced by 40%, and the domestic air-jet looms are kept at the most advanced in terms of energy saving.


1. Efficient and stable beating mechanism: The four-barrel beat-up mechanism with high-speed and adaptable superiority in narrow weaving ensures the efficiency of weaving; The six-link beating mechanism with abundant weft insertion time is used in wide weaving , to ensure the stability of the weaving.

2. Electronic take-up: The domestic advanced electronic take-up device expands the range of fabrics available, and is easy to operate and more accurate.

3. Electronic let-off: The warp tension is measured by a tension sensor, and the warp is controlled by a computer, which ensures the accuracy of the warp and the warp tension is kept constant.







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