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The speed of the MA810 Denim fabric machine air jet loom is increased by 20% and the gas consumption is reduced by 40%....

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Ma810 Denim fabric machine

The speed of the MA810 Denim fabric machine air jet loom is increased by 20% and the gas consumption is reduced by 40%. This can save a large amount of electricity costs for the weaving factories each year, and saves the purchase cost of the air compressor supporting equipment. The DSP system has fast calculation speed, fast transmission and no interference. The integrated technology provided by the German Siemens integrated supplier provides powerful protection for high-speed energy saving. The eccentric shaft brings better balance and stability, reduces the looms of the loom's running vibration, and reduces ground vibration by about 35%. The upgraded heald frame guide device adopts double beams, and the front and rear heald frame guard plates are added to reduce the vibration of the heald frame during high-speed operation of the machine, thereby ensuring stable high-speed operation of the loom and reducing the wear of the heald frame. Through tests, the outstanding performance in weaving elastic denim, heavy twill, high density and high density of the canvas is the preferred model to replace the heavy rapier looms.


Main motor

With the super-torque torque motor, the speed and beating force of the first weft of the loom can be rapidly increased to prevent parking stalls.


Electric control system

The independent development and production of air-jet looms control system uses a multi-CPU distributed control scheme. Control units such as man-machine interface, main control system, electronic let-off, and electronic take-up (optional) all have high-performance CPUs for independent control, ensuring data processing speed and computing power, and meeting the weaving requirements of high-speed air-jet looms. . Key signals such as weft insertion and weft insertion control are processed using a dedicated FPGA.



The man-machine interface adopts 57 inches (104 inches as the selection piece) QVGA liquid crystal screen and high reliability touch-sensitive screen design, the interface adopts the window design, the man-machine interface is friendly, it is simple to operate. It has functions such as parameter setting, operation status monitoring, shutdown reason display, production management and parameter storage.


Complete fault detection and protection

The system has designed perfect fault detection and protection measures to maximize the protection of personal and equipment safety operations, the system is stable and reliable, and easy maintenance.


Electronic let-off

Using a tension sensor to detect the warp tension in real time, sent by the CPU to control the amount of warp sent by the AC servo motor, you can maintain a constant warp tension, to ensure the quality of fabric products.


Electronic take-up (optional)

The AC servo drive winding device is used to control the take-up speed by the CPU to synchronize it with the loom and control the weft density. The weft density can be set on the man-machine interface without changing gears. At the same time, through the linkage operation with the electronic let-off system, the work on the machine is more easily performed. Different weft densities can be set according to the needs of different organizations, weaving into a weaving program to achieve weft-weaving.


Technical Parameters of Ma810 Denim fabric machine:

Reed space: 170, 190, 210, 230, 280, 340, 360, 390 cm

Color selection: single color, double color, 4 colors, 6 colors

Starting mode: Super high-speed starting motor, push button start, stop, forward and reverse slow motion

Loom speed: 600-1000 rpm

Weft Insertion: Fixed Main Spray + Swing Main Spray + Auxiliary Nozzle + Aliens

Auxiliary injection solenoid valve: manifold manifold auxiliary auxiliary solenoid valve

Shedding: Positive cam shedding (electronic dobby), jacquard

Beating up: Bilateral four-bar eccentric shaft beat-up mechanism (6-link beat-up)

Let off: Electronic let-off

Take up: Electronic take-up

Selvedge: planetary gears on both sides, leno selvedge, electronic selvedge

Weft yarn breakage: Reflective double weft detector

Warp breaking: Electrical stop device

Parking display: screen display, multi-function parking indicator light, wireless LAN communication

Weft cutting: mechanical scissors, electronic scissors, electric scissors

Pattern type: plain weave, twill weave, satin weave

Rolling cloth diameter: Ф600mm, Ф720mm

Beam disc Diameter: Ф800mm, Ф914mm, Ф1000mm, Ф1100mm

Electronic control system: High-resolution large-screen VGA color image display touch type human-machine interface













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